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The Company was founded in 2010, the main purpose of which is breeding of the sturgeon fish in ecologically clean conditions, using renewable energy in the water recirculation system and with the ultimate goal of obtaining food caviar by humane method. As the competition among the producers of black caviar is very high, the company's management decided to use the Albino Sterlet (Acipencer Ruthenus) as the main species for breeding.

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“Top quality Caviar from Latvia, produced with passion and knowledge. The delicious taste and freshness make Latvian Pearl a pure delight”

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Our Black Caviar has an excellent buttery flavor that is mild enough,yet still captures the highly distinctive and utterly delicious taste of true delight caviar. Each pearl is exquisitely balanced with an affordable price. Ourhandcrafted, natively farmed caviar is the product of tradition and know - how, a legacy that allows us to produce the most flavorful and delicious caviar in the world.

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